Bestfor Intermediate Ryegrass

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Bestfor Intermediate Ryegrass, the specialty forage grass that is perfect for dairy and beef grazing operations. Bestfor is a Lolium Hybridum variety of Intermediate Ryegrass, meaning it establishes quickly and lasts longer than other varieties. Known for its fast growth, high feed value and impressive digestibility levels which encourage rapid weight gain on any livestock, Bestfor is a reliable option for any farmer looking for high yields, excellent digestibility, and exceptional palatability in their pastures. This variety fills the gap between short-term annuals and long-term perennials and will deliver the results you desire.

Seeding Rate:

  • New Pastures: 30–50 lbs./ac
  • Overseeding: 10–15 lbs./ac

Planting Information:

  • Planting Dates: early spring and fall
  • Planting Depth: 1/8–3/8"
  • Optimal pH Range: 6.0–6.5
  • Germination: 5–10 days